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COVID-19 Update

Dear Patients of Dermatology Partners of Western NY:

Corona Virus Update

CDC guidelines require masks to be worn in all medical facilities. Therefore, Dermatology Partners of Western NY is still requiring the use of a mask by both employees and patients while in the office.

At Dermatology Partners of Western New York, we practice Universal Precautions every day, not just in the event of an outbreak.  Universal Precautions include hand washing, hand sanitizing, wearing personal protective equipment, sterilization, and disinfection of all instruments, etc.  By following these precautions, our team not only stays safe, our patients stay safe as well.

Please know that any of our staff members who are sick, running a fever, or who may have been in contact with someone who is sick have been advised to not come to work.

Our team will continue to work hard to preserve the well-being and health of our patients


Dr. Joseph Wojciechowski, Dr. Allison Holm and Dr. Susan Psaila

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