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Fillers are injectable gels that can smooth out lines and wrinkles. We offer a variety of cosmetic fillers, including Restylane and Juvederm.

They are all natural, non-animal based hyaluronic acid fillers that are biocompatible with human hyaluronic acid – meaning they are natural substances in the skin that won’t cause any harm. Also, since they are not animal based, there is no need for an allergy test prior to their use.

These fillers have proven to last twice as long as traditional collagen with typical treatment results lasting from 6-12 months.

There is little downtime after treatment, and the results are almost immediate. There may be redness, bruising, or swelling that persists at the site for two or three days.

The procedure itself takes just a few minutes with most patients experiencing minimal discomfort. The filler is deposited into deep lines with a series of small injections with an ultra fine needle. Local anesthesia is an option to maximize your comfort.

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Our dermatologists will recommend a filler tailored to your skin profile and the look you are trying to achieve.


Restylane, Juvederm, and Voluma are typically used to:

  • Smooth lines and wrinkles
  • Plump and define lips
  • Fill hollow areas on the face

Common sites for fillers include:

  • Upper lip (fine lines and lip volume)
  • Frown lines (marionette lines)
  • Upper cheeks (lifting of mid face)
  • Nasolabial folds (laugh lines)